After spending the early part of my afternoon photographing a high school tennis match and then trying to find people outside dealing with the intense heat which has plagued New Jersey for a couple of days, the weather turned crazy. Heavy rain, thunder and lighting struck the Garden State Thursday June 9, 2011.  I was quickly redirected to try and make a storm photograph for tomorrow’s Star-Ledger, which was now the news of the day. I only had about a half-hour to make an image since the light was fading and my deadline was quickly approaching. I quickly headed to Trenton as I saw the sky darken and lighting start to appear, hoping to capture lighting over the capital.  I went over to the Pennsylvania side of the Delaware River, and pointed my camera back towards the sky over Trenton, and waited in the rain to snag some lighting. After about 20 or so images, and standing soaking wet, I landed one that was good enough to ship off to the paper and make my deadline. Not bad for a few hours of storm chasing. 

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